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TG Poster Competition

Do you want to make a personalised poster about your Guild which says more than just when and where you meet? Then why not take part in our poster competition?

We have created a template poster for you, which you can find under Promotional Material in the Members’ Area of our website (member log in required). All you have to do is fill in the available space to tell us your Guild’s name, where you meet and what makes it great, then send a copy to TGHQ (by post or by email - details below) with your contact details, to be received no later than 21st February 2020. The winner will be announced in the 2020-02 issue of the magazine.

Sounds easy? There’s just one little catch:

Keep your advert short and sweet. A little box is yours to complete. Why should women choose your Guild? Why will joining leave them thrilled? You have just 280 characters to use. How you write it you must choose. Spaces, numbers and punctuation count, so wise use is paramount.

280 characters doesn’t sound a lot but, as you can see, you can convey a good amount of information if you’re creative with how you use them – and we know that creativity is something TG members are good at.

If you’re completing the TG Challenge, this could fit a couple of them – learning something new about Information Technology and/or using one of the new TG posters. And by the way – 280 characters happens to be the limit for posts on Twitter, so by taking part in this competition you are also composing something which could be used as your first Tweet for a Guild Twitter account! We have a tutorial on our website which explains how to get started on Twitter so why not give it a go?

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The 280 Character Challenge Poster Competition Template


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